Touched PR Listener

God is usin g Nazarene radio show, Perfect Rhythm, to transform and redeem broken lives. One listener recently wrote the program to share a personal story of transformation:

?I'm one of the millions of listener of PR, I always try not to miss of episode. I just would like to share on how the Lord used your program to touch my heart and bring me back to Him.

? I grew up in a Christian home - my parents, sister and most of my relatives are Christians. I attend always church with them. But as I grew up I thought it was boring to be a Christian because I cannot do things that most of my unbeliever friends do. That's why I always make excuses in order for me not to attend the youth fellowships and the Sunday worship service in our church. Most on my time I'm with my so called friends, they teach me to do things that I know are not pleasing in God's sight.

?My life started to break into pieces up to the point I don't know how to pick-up the pieces and where start again. Then I came to a point that I was thinking that it would be good if I just die.

?It was Sunday November 19, last year, I was alone in our home and I turned the radio on. It was tuned to 702DZAS and there is this program Perfect Rhythm. At first I thought it was just an ordinary program. While I was listening to the host interviewing himself it caught my attention, I thought this host is cool because he was able to think about doing that (suicide).  But that episode really touched me, especially when you played the song by Casting Crowns ?Who Am I.? I just don't know what happened, tears just started to fall from my eyes and I was praying to God that Lord, if you were able to change him, I know that you can also do that to me, I want you back in my life.

?And from that day onwards my life changed I made God the writer of my life.

?More Power to you and to the program and I pray that God will continue to use you to touch and changed lives.

?God Bless!!!!?

We give God the glory for how he is working in the lives of people in the Philippines!

--World Mission Communications

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