From Broadcast to Breakfast

Thailand's Lampang Church of the Nazarene had more to celebrate on Feb. 14 than just its fourth year as a church family. It celebrated a radio ministry rescued from possible closure, and a new restaurant that promises to connect the congregation with their community.

The church faced shutting down its radio program, ?Hope in This Life,? when its budget was slashed. But the station's manager, Tang, had recently accepted Christ and begun attending the church. He caught the congregation's vision for radio ministry and now airs their program for free.

Another church member, Mr. Telasak, had spent a year asking God for a restaurant. Pastor Suphot suggested Telasak spend a night at the church praying for his dream's fulfillment. Suphot joined him in the vigil.

Two days later, Telasak followed his usual walking route through town when he noticed a small, open-air restaurant at one of the town's main intersections. He had passed it many times but never gave it a second glance. The owner was shutting it down. When Telasak told him he'd dreamed of having a restaurant, the owner gave it to him. No charge.

Other church members joined Telasak in removing spirit worship paraphernalia and altars set up near the structure's largest supporting tree. They acquired almost all the restaurant supplies he needed at greatly discounted costs, or even free. Telasak named the restaurant ?At's Place,? and began broadcasting the church's radio program in the dining area. Tang provided free radio spots to advertise the restaurant's grand opening on March 5.

The congregation's 12 members will spend time at the restaurant getting to know people who might never enter a church, and sharing with them about Jesus' love.

Having seen God's miraculous answers to their prayers, the church has more big dreams. Tang, who is a gifted auto mechanic, is praying for a place to repair cars. The church is also praying to own the whole radio station someday.

?I am so pleased with my church members,? Pastor Suphot said. ?They are growing strong and are now fully supporting me [with tithes and offerings]. God is blessing them!?

By the way, across from the restaurant is an abandoned Shell gas station?

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