Catch d Word n Ur Fone

It's a known fact that the Philippines is the ?text messaging capital? of the world. With this in mind, World Mission Broadcast Asia Pacific is taking our broadcasting efforts to the next level.

On June 8, 2006, Talkies - a one minute devotional recording, became available to cell phone users. By subscribing to this new service, people will receive short devotionals downloaded right to their cell phones. Initially Talkies uploaded with 20 one-minute recordings. WMB Asia-Pacific produces the devotionals which are an outgrowth of its radio program, Life in a Minute .

Ministry leadership, Rev. Wilfredo ?Jun? Suyat, Jr., the Field Communications Coordinator of the Church of the Nazarene in the Philippines , and Jay Mijares representing WM Communications Asia-Pacific ( WMC ), were involved in a series of meetings with different content providers in the telecommunications industry to explore the possibility of using cell phones to air our programs.

Wireless Services Asia, one of the content and technology providers based in Ayala, Makati , Philippines , is among the first who welcomed and pursued the concept with enthusiasm. According to the agreement signed this June, the WMC/WMB services actually allow Globe Telecom subscribers to download and/or subscribe to this unique service. In addition to Talkies , subscribers can choose to receive:

•  WMC Bible Subscription Service (infotexts) ? a Bible verse service
•  WMC Images Subscription Services ( MMS, Logos, Picture Messages)

Our team in Asia-Pacific is hopeful that agreements with other content providers and telecom companies will soon follow suit, allowing them to continue communicating Christ by all means possible, even via cell phones.

--World Mission Communications

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