Aids Sufferers Find Hope for New Life

Hope in This Life, a WMB radio program in Northern Thailand, is leading AIDS sufferers to new life in Christ. Pastor Natachai of the Fang Church of the Nazarene reports that as the program celebrates its first anniversary on the air, 4 people suffering with AIDS have been reached with the gospel message. All 4 are now regular attenders of the Fang Church.

In November 2005, Thai broadcaster Pachara Saengwichai, along with Lisa Lehman, Field Communications Coordinator, joined Pastor Natachai in visiting 3 of these new Christians. Pastor Natachai is burdened for Hope in This Life's widening audience which includes laborers, household helpers, teachers, government workers and families with Aids victims. Please pray with the Pastor and the congregation of the Fang Church of the Nazarene as they accept the challenge to provide a portion of the program's funding so Christ's message of hope can be further extended to all who will hear.

--World Mission Communications

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