When God?s Blessings Flood in Thanksgiving

Uncle Prasert is a listener of World Mission Broadcast's Thai radio program, Born to Love (formerly Friend 2 Friend ). Recently he found God answered his prayers beyond wildest expectations.

Formerly an alcoholic and spirit worshipper, Prasert accepted Christ in August 2004 after listening to the Friend 2 Friend broadcast from the Lampang Church of the Nazarene. Prasert (whose name means Good One) overflowed with joyful freedom in his newfound faith in Christ. As a result, his lifestyle changed drastically and he wanted more than anything to attend church regularly and to serve God.

At the same time Prasert struggled with high debt incurred from his deceased wife's battle with cancer and found a way to earn money by making jelly and tapioca ingredients for Thai desserts. His best customers came to market on Sunday morning, causing him to often miss worship services. So he began to pray for God to provide the money to repay his debt. He considered selling a piece of property, but no buyers were interested. He wanted to ask Pastor Suphot of the Lampang Church to pray with him about his financial need, but days later, on September 30, 2005, monsoon rains caused flash flooding throughout the Lampang province.

Surely no one would buy his land now. As the floods rose around his home, Prasert was stricken with a pinched nerve which limited his ability to walk. With no telephone he could not make contact with anyone, not even with Pastor Suphot at the church less than a kilometer away.

Prasert prayed alone for three days until the water began to recede and his back pain began to be relieved. On the fourth day, his stepson called to tell Prasert of a buyer for his land. The buyer was even willing to pay more than Prasert had asked! By the middle of October Prasert no longer needed to sell tapioca desserts at the Sunday market. Now he is a regular attender at the Lampang Church ? and remains a faithful listener of the Born to Love program.

--World Mission Communications

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