207 Million Bengali Speaking People Yet to Be Reached With Gospel

“207 million Bengali speaking people are to be reached with the Gospel” shared Rev. Tushar Manna, Coordinator of Nazarene Bengali Radio. “We are in direct contact with more than 1000 listeners and are sending them literature, Bibles and calendars. Together with JESUS Film teams and local Nazarene pastors we do the follow-up work. Most of the listeners are from rural villages where radio is the only means for communications. These listeners tell us they wait for our Swarger Shidi program.”

Swarger Shidi, meaning “Ladder to Heaven” is a World Mission Broadcast supported radio program airing every Thursday morning in West Bengal, New Delhi, Orissa, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. With Hinduism being the predominant religion in the region, Rev. Manna and his team work fervently to provide programs and resources sharing about the love of Christ and the transformation that comes in knowing Him.

Please pray for Rev. Manna and his team of broadcasters that the Swarger Shidi program will reach ears that are ready to hear, and that the Gospel message this program airs will pierce the hearts of many listeners.

--World Mission Communications

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