New WMB Programs, New Radio Partnerships

In response to the call “To Communicate Christ by all means Possible,” World Mission Broadcast (WMB) Asia-Pacific is penetrating new territories in order to bring God’s word to audiences through commercial FM radio stations. During the Holy Week season, Vanguard Radio Network, a company that operates five FM radio stations in key cities in the Philippines, began airing Life In a Minute, a one-minute feature, which is integrated in the daytime programming of the stations.

Life In a Minute is a 60-second commentary about life and how God can come into the picture in a very practical way. Vanguard is airing it for free. The feature will also be made available to other radio stations nationwide.

Partnership talks between Vanguard and WMB began in 2004 after a chance meeting between Regional Communications Coordinator Doug Flemming and an official of Vanguard. This partnership is soon to be formalized through a memorandum of understanding. “I knew it was a God thing. God made that casual meeting at the US embassy to accomplish His greater purposes for His kingdom,” Flemming said.

Vanguard caters to the secular audiences, playing mainstream Philippine and US-produced music. The owners, who are members of an evangelical group, are poised to “clean the airwaves” in five strategic locations in partnership with WMB. Songs with explicit themes and other undesirable contents are gaining more popularity in this nation of 85 million people. Vanguard has between 5 and 10 million potential listeners.

A new family program called Rated PG (Parental Guidance) is set to be aired via a Vanguard Network station in northern Philippines before the middle of the year. The same program, which will address parenting issues in interview and magazine format, will also be distributed nationwide.

--World Mission Communications

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