Christian Band Endorses World Mission Broadcast-Asia Pacific Programs

World Mission Communications (WMC), Asia Pacific recently sponsored the Manila tour for Jars of Clay, a contemporary Christian band. Staged at a huge coliseum, the band wowed fans with their songs “I Need You” and “Show Your Love.”

The Christian band, led by vocalist Dan Haseltine, agreed to hold an exclusive press conference in which WMC was one of the few media entities invited and present. Interviews were extracted from the press conference and will be used for World Mission Broadcast’s (WMB) regional youth radio programs Family Spectrum and Perfect Rhythm. Jars of Clay also agreed to endorse WMB programs.

Dubbed “Show Your Love”, the Manila concert was an opportunity for World Mission Communications (of which WMB is a part) to further its network and partnerships with media groups and Christian ministries in the Philippines. WMC banners were on display on the night of the concert while its logos were projected on big screens and printed on huge billboards along Manila’s main thoroughfares. “This is one way of influencing and penetrating the mainstream market as we attempt to communicate Christ by all means possible” shared Doug Flemming, Regional Communications Coordinator for Asia-Pacific.

--World Mission Communications

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