NEW Korean WEB Program on the WEB….in Korea & Beyond!

Everybody has a story to tell, tales of personal significance waiting to be heard. In our everyday ordinary lives we yearn to share a little bit of who we are. Now, Korean youth have the opportunity to do that…. through the medium of interactive, Internet broadcasting.

My Story, the newest program of World Evangelism Broadcast (Asia-Pacific) can be heard not only in Korea but also worldwide through Internet broadcasting. This exciting development is giving our Korean communication students an outlet for programming that is relevant to everyday,
ordinary Koreans.

Kwon Dong Hwan, along with a team of Korean broadcasters is very excited about the prospects for this program. According to Kwon, “Internet broadcasting is the ideal form of communication for Korean youth…since 98% of Korean youth are using the internet and 68% of them have access to high speed (DSL) internet in the homes. Korean’s lead the world in online activity, spending over 19 hours per week browsing the web. The Korean government is committed to annually upgrading the IT infrastructure, increasing its speed to 259Tbts by 2005. So, our church must be on the cutting edge, providing Christian content for this new generation of web browsers.”

Kwon is producing this interactive 15-minute program at the Fairbanks Media Center in Manila, combining CCM Korean & English music, along with relevant discussions on current issues. Listeners are encouraged to participate by sending in their comments, reflections, or requests. The idea behind My Story is to get everybody telling their story, to express their needs, problems, and dreams so that the story of Christ can bring truth to the audience’s individual situations. This is one more example of our goal to communicate Christ by all means possible.

Kwon Dong Hwan is a senior student in the Master of Arts in Christian Communication program at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. Prior to his seminary studies, Kwon was the assistant director of a cable TV company in Seoul, South Korea and had also been involved in a theater company in Seoul for three (3) years.

Please pray for Kwon Dong Hwan and his team, that through the creative use of the Internet more young people will come to Christ in Korea.

Oliver Lopez
NCN Asia-Pacific Correspondent

--World Mission Communications

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