Ministering to Families in Southern Philippines
Radio report on “Family Matters”

One of World Evangelism Broadcast’s newest programs on the Asia-Pacific Region, “Family Matters” is getting good results. According to program host, Rev. Jun Detalo (also District Superintendent of the Bicol District in the Philippines) after their first month on the air they are receiving at least 2-3 callers every broadcast.

“Family Matters” is an hour long, call-in, counseling program, hosted by Rev. Detalo and a panel of three other co-hosts. As an incentive for follow up, “Family Matters” offered listeners a free gift from a local Christian Tupperware dealer.

They are getting good comments from listeners who say they are blessed and the program is very helpful and educational.

One caller was a mother who is also a professor at Bicol University. She reported that she just happened upon the program when she turned on her radio, but, after listening she said she will be encouraging her co-teachers and other staff at Bicol University to listen to "Family Matters."

--World Mission Communications

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