World Mission Broadcast is Making New Friends in Thailand

“Friend to Friend”, Thailand’s newest radio program begun through World Mission Broadcast, aired its first segment just after Valentine’s Day on February 17, 2003. During the first 2 months of broadcast youth were already finding this to be a welcome source of friendship with the Church of the Nazarene in Lampang, Thailand.

The program targets teen listeners while they are working on homework each weekday evening. The 30-minute program features popular Christian music, topics about relationships, health, food, and family, and also gives listeners an opportunity to contact the Church of the Nazarene either by letter or by personal visit to the Lampang congregation.

Rev. Supot, pastor of the Lampang Church of the Nazarene, reports that 2 listeners have already visited his church and many more were encouraged to attend following a live broadcast of the church’s Easter Sunday morning service during the week of April 20, 2003. Pachara Saengwichai, broadcaster of the daily program segments, has received several letters from listeners requesting to know more about Christ and the church as well. She comments, “Listeners are grateful for the new friend they have found through the radio. They tell me they enjoy the program because it gives them encouragement.”

--Reported by Lisa Lehman, Southeast Asia Field Communications, Asia-Pacific Region

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