WMB On the Air in Papua New Guinea Capital City!

World Mission Broadcast (WMB) is bringing truth to the airwaves for the youth of Papua New Guinea (PNG) through the program Kirapim Gutpela Sindaun (Starting a New Life), better known as KGS.

KGS is a 3-minute program geared to 14-22 year olds - the school age youth of PNG. 58.8% of the population in Papua New Guinea is 22 years of age and younger with the 14 to 22 yr. olds making up about one-third. PNG youth find themselves caught between the traditions of their tribal culture and the allurement of modern culture. KGS is combating the negative messages from secular, Western media by reminding youth about the positive values of the Gospel.

Since December 2002, KGS has been airing 3 times daily on Radio Light 93.9 FM from Port Morseby, a city of 195,570 people. Radio Light’s 1000 watt transmitter covers the entire capital city and a portion of the Central Province of PNG. In the very near future Radio Light has plans to go short-wave and cover the whole country. Missionaries Brian Bett and Jeff Myers have developed a team of key national leaders, headed by Daniel Eka and Lilly Arua, to produce this exciting new program. Their radio committee is making plans to develop a much-needed women’s program in the coming year.

- Doug Flemming & Jeffrey Myers, WMB Asia-Pacific

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