“Holy People of God” Radio Program Broadcasts into North Korea

Early in March of 2003 the staff of World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific held a “contract signing ceremony” to officially begin the production process for their newest broadcast, “Holy People of God.” “Holy People of God” is a Korean broadcast that will be transmitted 3 days per week into North Korea. The broadcasts began in April of 2003.

According to Doug Flemming, Regional Communications Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Region, “this is the first time for the Church of the Nazarene to have an “official” broadcast into North Korea that is funded by World Mission Broadcast. Flemming also shared that the Nam Seoul Church of the Nazarene has committed to partner with World Mission Broadcast by paying 50% of the airtime costs.

The program, produced at the Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Center in Manila, Philippines, has a “discipleship/Christian nurturing” format which incorporates both music and devotional messages. According to the program’s producer, “Joshua”, there have been many broadcasts into North Korea over the past 50 years, many of which have effectively converted thousands of North Koreans and helped to establish a network of house churches. “Holy People of God” is designed to strengthen the Christians in North Korea and bring them to maturity.

Please pray for “Joshua” (which is the American alias for the program’s producer), his production team and the Korean listeners. What an opportunity this is to send the Gospel into all of Korea.

--World Mission Communications

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