A refreshing rhythm is now hitting the airwaves of Metro Manila, a bustling metropolis of about 13 million. Perfect Rhythm, a World Mission Broadcast program of the Church of the Nazarene, is now part of the programming schedule of 702 DZAS-AM of Far East Broadcasting Company (REBC).

Heard every Sunday at 8:00 AM, the 30-minute youth program began airing July 13 following the signing of a memorandum of agreement between World Mission Communications-Asia Pacific and FEBC. Already heard in eight strategic urban centers around the Philippines, Perfect Rhythm hopes to bring the message of Christ to the youth by tapping into the wide-reaching and effective ministry of radio broadcasting in this country of 81 million people.

Metro Manila, the political, economic, social, and cultural center of the Philippines is composed of 13 cities and 4 municipalities clustered together. It is considered a challenging arena where there are still lots of people in need of the Gospel.

This is why World Mission Communications is partnering with the Far East Broadcasting Company. For the past 50 years, FEBC has been committed to the vision of bringing Christ to the World by Radio. It is the same vision that WM Communications shares and admires.

With this broadcast over DZAS, Perfect Rhythm is positioned to reach a larger audience base through its unique blend of contemporary Christian music and pep talk focusing on issues affecting the youth. The popular station has a broadcast coverage that extends from the whole of Luzon (including Metro Manila), all the way to Visayas (Central Philippines), and parts of Mindanao in the south. Enjoying a 7th place position among the 31 AM stations in Metro Manila, it is sure to engage more youths in a life centered on Christ via Perfect Rhythm.

- World Mission Communications-Asia Pacific

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