“When God Moves the Fishing Line”

Feeling compelled by God, the World Mission Broadcast team in Indonesia moved our youth radio program, Nzone, from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday night. The first night of this change, we received an SMS message.

“I was really disappointed because I was looking for a bar and discothèque but everything was closed. Finally, alone here in my boarding house, I happened to tune into the Nzone broadcast. It was a great broadcast and it hit home for me ….”

Through further SMS messages we found out that her name was Adelia, and that she was a university student who had dropped out when she became a drug addict and a woman of the night. She felt that she was a great sinner and wasn’t sure that Nzone would be willing to have anything to do with her.

These SMS messages went on for 3 months. She expressed a great desire to become a good person. Finally she wrote:

“I am so happy that Nzone has become my friend. Now, I am going to enter a drug rehabilitation center. Nzone has been great, even better than my parents. Later, when I am well, I will contact Nzone again.”

Just as with Jesus and his disciples, when He told them to take their boat a “little further” from the shore and go to a place that was a “little deeper”, God Himself had prepared and provided the abundant harvest (Luke 5:3-4).

Adelia is a harvest that was given by God when Nzone moved the net to a place that was a “little further” and a “little deeper”.

- Submitted by Nunuk Rinukti, World Mission Broadcast Asia-Pacific

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