Awake With the Angels – Polly’s Story

"I was a devout Buddhist and saw no reason to be otherwise. When I chanced upon the “Awake with the Angels” radio broadcast, I was entranced by what I heard and became a regular listener. The broadcast sparked many questions. Before, I couldn’t fathom that there was any other way beside Buddhism…now I was debating whether there really could be another God?"

These are the words of Polly, a listener from China’s Ningxia Province. She did not come to Christ immediately, but continued listening to “Awake with the Angels”, a radio program supported by World Mission Broadcast. Through a series of events in her life which resulted in intense spiritual oppression from family members, Polly’s belief in Buddha was shaken and she cried out, “If there is really one true God, save me!” At that moment the Lord set her free.

Polly heard the truth because of the faithful prayer and financial support of Nazarene churches and individuals. Today, Polly reports she is committed to living her life for Christ and sharing her story so many more will turn from the darkness of Buddhism to “His marvelous light.”

“Awake with the Angels” is supported by the Church of the Nazarene’s international broadcast ministry - World Mission Broadcast (WMB). The program airs throughout China every night of the year, one hour each night. Through it, millions of Chinese are hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel in a creative, upbeat manner… and many, like Polly, are responding.

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--World Mission Communications

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