Family Spectrum Radio Program

Manila, Philippines - Family Spectrum, a music based, interactive (via SMS texting), family issues radio program is keeping Audience Response Coordinator, Carol Benzonan busy! This World Mission Broadcast program airs every Thursday night from 10:00pm-12:00pm on Metro Manila’s NOW Radio. The program has a potential listening audience of 12–15 million people and is averaging over 100 responses every night with numerous letters received each week.

Carol follows up with listeners through cell phone text messaging or E-mail. Initially she sends an automated text response to each texter, and then follows up with a second personal text message, a direct phone call, or E-mail. A follow up letter is then sent along with an evaluation form and depending on the subsequent response, Carol continues dialog either through text, E-mail, or letter. Bible studies have begun with a few of the listeners, and she has personally met with others who have urgent needs.

Family Spectrum is a radio program staffed with Christian people who are committed to following up and discipling listeners who respond. Please pray for Carol, program host Raffy Santos, and the Family Spectrum production team as they pray for and interact with their listeners through text messaging.

--World Mission Communications

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