Greek Television Program Expands Programming to Reach English-Speaking Greeks!

Melbourne, Australia - As the Greek-speaking community in Melbourne evolves, the Church of the Nazarene is making adjustments to meet their changing needs. For the past few years, World Mission Broadcast (WMB) has been sponsoring the popular Greek-language television program, Zontas 100% (Living 100%) which airs every week on cable Channel 31 in Melbourne. Greek pastor and producer, Rev. Takis Manetas, began to see the need to reach 3rd and 4th generation Greeks who have lost fluency in their mother tongue.

Earlier this year Rev. Manetas began airing Zontas 100% with English subtitles and the response has been great and viewership has increased. In a media survey for the month of February they determined that 132,365 households were tuned into the program. With an average of three persons per household, this could place the potential viewership over 300,000 people (the Greek population in Melbourne is 400,000).

Viewers are responding to Zontas 100% as evidenced by the following story Rev. Manetas shared recently:

“On one occasion a lady, Koula her name, rang up to ask something about the Bible which she could not understand. In discussion, she said that she had been watching the program Zontas 100% for a long time. Her husband, Fotis, was very much against it and he kept fighting with her not to watch it. He was getting drunk every day, he was swearing and he was abusive. But, Koula did not stop. She learned to pray to God and ask God to change her husband. Today, Koula reports, ‘We watch the program together. He stopped drinking, he is not swearing and he is not abusive!’ I asked her if it was OK to meet them. She was very happy. Now we have developed a friendship together. We study the Bible together and pray together.”

World Mission Broadcast is the Church of the Nazarene’s international broadcast ministry and is solely supported by the prayers and gifts of individuals and Nazarene churches. Zontas 100% is one of 87 programs WMB currently supports. Reports of God using WMB programs to reach individuals like Koula and Fortis are received on a regular basis and posted on the WMB web site at broadcast.nazarene.org.

--World Mission Communications

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