Faith Grows as WMB Sows

Broadcasting the Gospel has never been this challenging and difficult. The ballooning population of Asia and the ever-growing competition from secular media create doubts as to whether or not Nazarene broadcasts are making a difference. Yet with this at the backdrop, the Asia-Pacific staff of World Mission Broadcast (WMB) finds encouragement from the words of Paul in Romans 10:17 which say: “faith comes from hearing the message.”

This promise is why radio programs are being developed and introduced, while existing ones are sustained. Others are extended, improved and promoted to the fullest. WMB-Asia Pacific hopes that through all these efforts, faith will result as people get to hear the word of God.

True enough…WMB stands as a witness to the continuing work of God thru media. A listener of WMB’s Awake With the Angels program from China’s Zhejiang Province wrote in May 2004, “Through your program, I got to know Christ and have learned to trust Him and accept Him as my personal Lord and Savior.” While trying to monitor another English broadcast, this listener just chanced upon Awake With the Angels, a two-hour radio program broadcast every night across China via the airwaves of Trans-World Radio. “When I first listened, I was not serious…however after a few months, I felt that Christianity contains the Truth, the Way and the Life,” said the listener.”

The Internet is another tool for sending out the Gospel in Asia. “Thank God for the Internet,” relates a Zhejiang Province web surfer. “Thank you for your encouragement and help. You have encouraged me deeply.”

More and more people “accidentally” tune in to WMB programs and respond as they hear the Word of God – and their lives are transformed. Another listener writes in saying, “Each time I listen I am touched. I like your program very much. Thanks for teaching me so many things. It helps me to overcome the difficulties in life and I learn more about myself.”

Raffy I. Santos, Asia-Pacific Broadcast Development Coordinator

--World Mission Communications

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