NZone - NTune with Indonesian Youth

Exchanging wedding vows, even between two people of different faiths, may be easy in the West, but not in Indonesia where many must go to court just to have their marriages recognized and certified. In fact, would-be interfaith couples often have to travel abroad to marry. This problem has pushed many young people in Indonesia to informal, even illegal kumpul kebo or cohabitation.

This socio-religious issue, which remains a primary concern among young people in Yogyakarta, is one of the hot items being addressed by the World Mission Broadcast funded radio program NZone. Launched over a year ago, this youth-oriented program has been making a difference among the city’s youth. At a recent “face-to-face” meeting with listeners at a trendy restaurant, NZone’s positive impact on youth was affirmed. “The listeners enjoy the advice given, the music and the current topics discussed,” said a report from programmers. One listener relayed how NZone has helped him overcome smoking.

This 30-minute FM program has proven an agent of change for young people. Current youth-oriented themes are being presented in creative ways that are easily understood the target audience. All of this has been done with the hope that NZone will indeed become a friend and resource to the young people of Yogyakarta.

The NZone production team reports an increase in the number of SMS messages (cell phone text messages) and phone calls they are receiving, indicating the program’s popularity is growing. One SMS message read, “NZone, I remember the Lord every time I hear your broadcast. Your words often touch me…”

During the get-together with NZone fans, the first of its kind since the program’s inception, the crowd asked that the program be extended to a full hour and suggested occasional live broadcasts with special request music. Hosted by announcers Sally and Rajah, with the support of the Sealands Field broadcast team, the gathering was part of the programmers’ desire to do more for listeners. “We don’t want just to meet through the air waves, but we want to strengthen our fellowship through face-to-face meetings.”

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