Genesis Celebrates 4th Anniversary

On June 25, 2004, the Nazarene radio program, Genesis, celebrated its 4th anniversary in Jaén, Peru. Under the direction of Romaín Sosa Torres, the program has grown into the most listened to youth program in the province of Cajamarca, Peru.

As a teenager, Romaín desired fame and fortune and chose to study communications wanting to become a “radio superstar.” After a near collapse into the hopeless lifestyle of militant guerillas in the northern jungle areas of Peru, Romaín found the Church of the Nazarene. Today, he is using his studies in communications and radio not for fame or fortune, but to share with other young people of Jaén the only hope he has found through Jesus Christ.

Congratulations, Romaín and the Genesis radio team on four years of service.

--World Mission Communications

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