WMB Airs Aids Radio Campaign

Due to the increasing problem of AIDS in Latin America, and with the addition of Equatorial Guinea, Africa to Spanish speaking countries of the Church of the Nazarene, World Mission Broadcast (WMB), South America (SAM) is developing a special series of radio programs addressing AIDS. Interviews with Nazarene physician Dr. Alberto Ainscough, as well as people living with the disease or who have family members with the disease, are currently in production.

WMB SAM is also preparing to launch two additional radio campaigns later this year. These will be two weekly shows with two very different purposes. The first is a yet-to-be-named, five-minute weekly discipleship program designed to grow and nurture Nazarenes across the region. Also, Las Aventuras de Buzi (Adventures of Buzy) is a 30- minute program designed to evangelize and disciple children. Las Aventuras de Buzi will launch by year’s end.

--World Mission Communications

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