Zontas 100% Update

Recently Rev. Takis Manetas, host of World Mission Broadcast’s Australia TV program, Zontas 100%, followed up on a contact from the program. With his wife, Rev. Manetas visited the home of a couple who had been watching the program. The wife shared that at the close of a program aired several weeks earlier, when the pastor asked viewers to pray to God for whatever need they have, she glanced at her husband who seemed to be absorbing everything.

“That night I did not see him smoking cigarettes as he usually did. The next day he did not smoke and it has been two months now since he has smoked. He reads the New Testament every day. Praise the Lord!”

Zontas 100% is one of 87 programs supported by World Mission Broadcast world wide. God is using WMB programs to reach into homes and lives, bringing hope, support and change.

--World Mission Communications

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