Three Down and Praying for More

Kirupim Gutpela Sindaun (KGS), a 3-minute radio program produced at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College in Papua New Guinea (PNG), is now being heard on three stations across PNG. Pastor Daniel, Co-Director of radio in PNG, traveled to Lae recently to FM Morobe 94.7 to discuss the possibility of that station airing KGS. The station manager was so pleased with what he heard, he said to Daniel, "As long as I am station manager we (FM Morobe 94.7) would air KGS for free."

With the addition of FM Morobe 94.7, that makes 3 radio stations actively airing KGS. KGS is now being heard on the South Coast on Radio Light in the Capitol City of Port Moresby, in the Western Highlands on the Provincial Radio Station in Mt Hagen, and now on the North Coast on FM Morobe 94.7 in Lae.

The PNG radio team is thankful for all the Lord is doing in their ministry. They ask you to pray that the Lord will lead them to even more opportunities to air the programs being produced in PNG.

Jeff Myers, Nazarene Missionary to Papua New Guinea

--World Mission Communications

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