Suicidal Man Grateful for Perfect Rhythm

Aris is a young Filipino man from Cabanatuan City – a town 98 kilometers north of Manila. Recently he found himself to be depressed and disillusioned with life.

One day, after almost trying to kill himself, he turned on his radio and tuned in to a World Mission Broadcast program called Perfect Rhythm. On that program, host Allan Roy was saying…"If you need a friend… narito lang kami" (which means “we are here for you”). Aris called the phone number given on the air and connected with a counselor who gave him comfort, encouragement and resources to help him through his struggles. Recently, Aris wrote the Perfect Rhythm staff and shared the following:

“My attempt to kill myself was aborted. I’m still struggling to fight temptation and discouragement, but Perfect Rhythm is always there to give me a hand. I thank God there is Perfect Rhythm…”

Pray for Aris and the millions of others who tune in daily to World Mission Broadcast programs around the world, searching for answers and hope.

--World Mission Communications

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