Heart Cry of the Women of Papua New Guinea

“…When I heard the woman wailing at the beginning of your radio program, it was as though she was expressing my heart’s cry. The women arguing in the radio drama echoed the arguments in my home. And when the Bible message was presented, for the first time I truly understood what Jesus came to do for me. I could hardly wait to respond!”

These words came from a Papua New Guinean schoolteacher attending a National Nazarene Women’s Conference in Papua New Guinea last year. She was one of almost nine hundred women who heard a pilot program for women produced by World Mission Broadcast, Melanesia. The response was overwhelming: “When will this program be aired in our community? We need it!”

Consequently, twenty-two Papua New Guinean Nazarene women have joined together to produce a radio program that will speak directly to the unique needs and concerns of the women of PNG. Their vision: a weekly program broadcast in the Melanesian Pidgin language that will respond to the heart’s cry of women in both urban centers and the most remote mountain villages with a message of hope in Christ.

On June 18 & 19, 2004 they met on the campus of the Melanesia Nazarene Bible College for a weekend training conference led by the program producer, Mrs. Jenny Isaac, and missionary Janelle Fosnaugh. Their hearts were broken as they considered the needs of the women of PNG. Powerful times of prayer, strategic planning sessions and radio ministry training followed. A stirring commissioning service concluded the weekend.

The members of the PNG Women’s Radio Ministry Team are absolutely committed to reaching the women of their nation for Christ…that is their heart cry!

Submitted by Janelle Fosnaugh, Nazarene Missionary to Papua New Guinea

--World Mission Communications

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