Radio – Drawing Listeners to Christ and His Church

The goal of World Mission Broadcast Asia-Pacific is to draw people into personal relationship with Christ and into vital participation in the local church. Yet, out of the thousands who listen, we don't always know how many are actually being reached. It's the ever-present challenge of broadcast follow-up. So, we rejoice when we receive word our goal is being realized.

Take a moment and read 3 accounts of how God brought a listener into the Kingdom and connected them with local Nazarene churches:

Dr. Angelito Agbuya, District Superintendent of the Metro Luzon District, recently phoned WMB Philippine Field Audience Relations Coordinator, Carol Benzonan. Dr. Agbuya shared that Jomar, a listener of the WMB radio program, Perfect Rhythm, had texted him on his cell phone to make an appointment. They met a few days later at a McDonalds and then, on Sunday, visited the Angeles City First Church of the Nazarene. During the service Jomar, formerly desiring to be a Catholic priest, accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior! Praise the Lord. On that same Sunday, Jomar brought five others from his Catholic school to church with him.

During the month of July 2004, WMB-Asia Pacific reports a total of 489 listener responses to Family Spectrum – a young adult interactive radio program. Two of those listeners were referred to the pastor at Tanay Church of the Nazarene, who is actively following up. Another listener, Carol F., who is a private nurse in Caloocan City, began texting Family Spectrum's counseling line. Carol soon enrolled in the “Purpose Driven Life” correspondence study and has since been connected with Rev. Carlino Fontanilla, pastor of the Novaliches Church of the Nazarene. The pastor and his church members are now following up with Carol.

Every Sunday listeners are texting the counseling line during Rev. Villagonzas' radio program Takna sa Pagpili. After some cell phone “text” counseling sessions, Rev. Villagonza referred one of his listeners to visit a neighboring Nazarene church on the Central Visayas District.

--World Mission Communications

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