Field Reports - Asia-Pacific

12.7.2006: RATED PG Celebrates Two Years on the Air! more>>

10.15.2007: Touched PR more>>

3.5.2006: From Broadcast to more>>

8.3.2006: Catch d Word n Ur more>>

1.3.2006: Aids Sufferers Find Hope for New more>>

12.5.2005: When God?s Blessings Flood in more>>

9.12.2005: 207 Million Bengali Speaking People Yet to Be Reached With more>>

8.29.2005: The One Good more>>

4.24.2005: New WMB Programs, New Radio more>>

3.23.2005: New WMB Programs, New Radio more>>

3.23.2005: Christian Band Endorses World Mission Broadcast-Asia Pacific more>>

10.26.2004: WMB harvests “listening” souls in more>>

8.26.2004: Radio – Drawing Listeners to Christ and His more>>

8.12.2004: Heart Cry of the Women of Papua New more>>

8.12.2004: Suicidal Man Grateful for Perfect more>>

8.10.2004: Three Down and Praying for more>>

7.19.2004: Zontas 100% more>>

7.14.2004: more>>

7.14.2004: WMB Airs Aids Radio more>>

7.14.2004: Genesis Celebrates 4th more>>

6.24.2004: NZone - NTune with Indonesian more>>

6.22.2004: Faith Grows as WMB more>>

5.25.2004: "My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts" more>>

4.26.2004: Greek Television Program Expands Programming to Reach English-Speaking Greeks! more>>

4.23.2004: Family Spectrum Radio more>>

4.22.2004: Family Spectrum and Take 5 Listeners Reach more>>

4.22.2004: A Call to Prayer and Fasting for Baguio more>>

4.22.2004: Jesus, the Motorbike Rider…and the more>>

4.19.2004: Closure of Station No Hindrance to Nazarene Ministries in more>>

3.15.2004: Update on ministry effectiveness of radio program Perfect more>>

2.4.2004: Awake With the Angels – Polly’s more>>

8.2.2003: “When God Moves the Fishing Line” more>>

7.16.2003: A Refreshing Rhythm on the Metro Manila more>>

5.7.2003: “Holy People of God” Radio Program Broadcasts into North more>>

5.6.2003: WMB On the Air in Papua New Guinea Capital City! more>>

4.30.2003: World Mission Broadcast is Making New Friends in more>>

11.02.2002: Ministering to Families in Southern Philippines Radio report on “Family Matters” more>>

9.30.2002: New Korean WEB Program on the WEB….in Korea & more>>