Set Free in Madagascar

Ester Razafiharisoa lives in Ilafy, Antananarivo, Madagascar with her husband and three children. Going to church for Ester was a normal part of her routine, but she did not have a relationship with Jesus. "There was no change in my life," says Ester. "What I heard about God's Word had no impact on my life."

But God had a plan to reach out to Ester. Ester has a son named Fabian. Fabian never went to church, and his behavior brought the family shame among the community. Fabian was put in jail and charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

"That was a very hard time in my life," says Ester. "But also the real moment that I wanted to seek God." Ester began seeking God by listening to Radio Vaovao Mahasoa.

"At that time I heard a program by the Church of the Nazarene. I took down the address and phone number at the end of the program." The following day, Ester met with Pastor Richard Ravelomanantsoa, World Mission Broadcast (WMB) radio host and pastor for the Church of the Nazarene.

"I told him about my family's problem," says Ester. "He told me that God has a wonderful plan for me first and for my family also." Ester wanted Pastor Richard to talk about her son's problem, but he instead presented the Gospel to her and her daughter.

"He asked me and my daughter if we really wanted Jesus to be our personal Savior and open our hearts to let Him enter our lives." This was the first time that Ester felt God's presence in her life. "He was convicting me and convincing me."

Ester prayed, "Jesus, You know who I am. Now at this time, I really need You in my entirely messy life. I am Yours!" Pastor Richard told Ester and her daughter that they were new creations in Christ.

Ester asked Pastor Richard, "What about my son's problem?" Pastor Richard responded, "If he did not do it, he will be released. Do not bribe anyone who tells you that they will set him free from jail. We will wait."

One month went by before the case was brought before the court. Ester, her family, and Pastor Richard prayed fervently. Fabian was set free. The girl confessed that she was forced to accuse Fabian in order to put him in jail.

It was during his time in jail that Fabian invited Jesus to enter into his life. "I saw Jesus working," say Ester. "He did a mighty work in our family."

Ester has led her entire family to Christ. A Church of the Nazarene was planted three months ago in the area where Ester and her family live. Fabian is the leader of the youth in this new church, and Ester leads a small group.

"I give testimony and preach the Gospel to my neighbors to win them to Jesus," say Ester. "To Jesus only be the glory for what He has done for me and continues to do within and through me."

- World Mission Broadcast Africa

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