Zulu Radio Ministries

Rev Charles Sibeko, presenter of WMB's Zulu language radio outreach program Siphakamisa uJesu, was interviewed recently by ?Out of Africa?, the Africa Region's Newsletter. Siphakamisa uJesu, which means ?Lifting up Christ?, is aimed at Zulu speakers across Southern Africa.
Out of Africa: When did you join this ministry? Rev Sibeko: I started in 2003, after the late Rev. Joseph Hlatshwayo passed away. It was the first time I did something like this, but my boss, Rev. Peet Voges (Regional Communications Coordinator) insisted that I must continue with this program. I enjoyed it, though I was inexperienced. But Peet believed in me. It was not easy at first to preach for only 5 minutes, but as time went on I got used to it.

What response did you get? There was and still is a great response from listeners who write me letters. Some complain about the short program. If they have personal problems they ask questions, or if they don't understand verses in the Bible. I also invited them for suggestions about this program. The response is great. It shows that I have a lot of listeners.

Who is your target audience? It depends on my presentation. When I plan it I prepare for Youth or Parents, or Spiritual Growth for those already saved. Sometimes it is aimed at back-sliders, or married people, and of course to the unsaved.

Describe a typical program.
Each program takes 15 minutes: a 30 second intro which goes together with the signature tune, five minutes to present the message, two songs and a 40 second conclusion. I choose songs that are relevant to each theme or message.

What themes do you address?
Prayer, A Christian's Home, Christian Ethics, Spiritual Growth, Questions and Problems encountered in the Bible, and messages to back-sliders.

How has God blessed you in this ministry?
God has blessed me very much. He talks to me first before I talk to the listeners ? that helps me to grow. When I read the response letters, I feel good that God is using me to reach some desperate people. Some are as far as Cape Province and Mpumalanga (South African provinces). After I took a radio presenters course I realized the impact this ministry has on listeners. Besides presenting I also answer their letters, and record the radio programs in English, French, and Tsonga too.

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