The Only Hope We Can Ever Have

Though most listeners to our radio programs never take the time to write, Pastor Christopher, the presenter of World Mission Broadcast's 30 minute Bible teaching program in Uganda, was stopped by a man recently on his way to the station. The man shared,

?Sir, I have been looking for you because I have been listening to you

preach on radio about the only hope we can ever have. I know you very

well but I am sure you have forgotten who I am, but we went to school

together. What I want is to share with you my problem. A few weeks

ago I discovered that I am HIV positive and I know that soon I will die.

I would like you to help me have a hope in this Lord that you have been

teaching about. I need forgiveness for all my wrongs??

Pastor Christopher and the listener went and sat on a rock and the Pastor shared the Good News with him. The listener gave his life to Jesus that day. Praise the Lord!

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