The Listener from Andramasina

Hailing from Andramasina, a countryside town in Madagascar, a man traveled 45km to meet Rev. Richard Revelomanantsoa, the host of World Mission Broadcast's radio program Thru The Bible. Upon connecting with Rev. Richard, this listener shared about God's work in his life.

The man was deep into drugs? addicted. The community where he lived feared him because of his attitudes and behaviors. One day, about six months ago, his wife asked him to listen to a radio program called Thru the Bible with her. At first he just pretended to be listening to make his wife happy. But then, something broke through the veil that covered his heart and he found he liked this program? to the point of sensing a ?thirst? to hear more about God.

?Finally?, he said ?God's time came.? ?I met Jesus Christ and did the prayer to ask Him to come in my heart. Since that day, my life is totally different. Jesus changed my life.?

Pray for the listener from Andramasina, ?that he will grow in Christ, become a servant of the Lord and be part of expanding His Kingdom.? Pray for Rev. Richard who is there to come along side him as this listener lives out his new life with Christ.

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