Severe Internal Injuries? Prayer & Praise for Injured Nazarene Radio Presenter

May 2, 2005 Africa Regional Communications Coordinator Rev Peet Voges shared:

"In my recent trip to East Africa, field media coordinator, Rev. Job Odanga told of an incident involving our radio presenter for Western Kenya. The presenter, Rev. Joseph Odongo, works at a saw mill. One day while working, a piece of wood shot back causing him severe internal injuries. This is the same man who suffered from a terrible snake bite for more than two years. An open wound had developed where the snake bit him and at one stage the dried bone could be seen."

"Odongo underwent surgery for the injuries sustained in the workplace accident. He has recovered to such an extent that he will be released from hospital soon. We can also report that he has nearly recovered from the snake bite wound. Only the skin has not yet fully healed. We give praise to the Lord for saving his life and pray for a full recovery."

Please keep Rev. Odongo and all the World Mission Broadcast presenters and program hosts in your prayers.

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