Listeners ask about The Church of the Nazarene
and about Sanctification

Miss Elham, a university student from Egypt, is a listener to the World Mission Broadcast program “The Nazarene Voice.” Recently she wrote to the program’s host, Jacob Ammari, asking questions about the Church of the Nazarene and sanctification. In addition to answering her questions, Jacob sent her some books on the subject of sanctification, one of which was Santification: The Heart of Christian Experience by G.B. Chapman.

Miss Elham loved the book, which had been translated into Arabic, and is asking for additional resources. She is a born again young lady, highly educated, an avid listener to the program and has said that it has helped her grow in her faith.

The annual World Mission Broadcast Offering (formerly World Evangelism Broadcast) provides the financial resources to supply listeners like Miss Elham with the printed resources to mature in their walk with Christ. Be watching for this year’s offering in your local church. Programs like “The Nazarene Voice” are helping save, grow and nurture new believers all over the world.

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