A Media Partnership Forms in Africa

Two years of negotiations between the leadership of World Mission Communications Africa (WM Comm Africa) and Africa Nazarene University (ANU) have resulted in a partnership agreement for a Media Center on the campus of Africa Nazarene University.

Rev. Peet Voges, Regional Communications Coordinator for Africa reported that the agreement will allow space for WM Comm Africa to house a radio and video recording studio as well as an editing suite on the ANU campus. ANU is providing the space free of charge. In return WM Communications Africa will provide editing software and equipment and will train personnel on the use of the software.

WM Comm Africa oversees the production of the 21 radio programs in 18 languages which are broadcast in 25 countries in Africa. In addition, the Africa Communications team is expanding into Christian television broadcasting by producing an hour long program that will be televised on the Sayere Christian TV station in Eldoret Western Kenya.

The partnership with ANU will allow WM Comm Africa to broaden and diversify its production capabilities in Africa and more fully support their overall goal of reaching the unreached with the Good News of Christ through media.

--World Mission Communications

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