African Mother Finds Hope

A young African mother, despondent over life, decided to end it all. After putting her children to bed, she went to the kitchen of their small home. She arranged a rope over a beam in the ceiling. Placing a chair on the small kitchen table, she climbed on top, slipped the rope around her neck, intent on hanging herself.

Realizing the noise of the falling chair would wake the children, she decided to increase the volume on the radio to cover the sound.

As she turned the volume up, a voice on the radio boomed across the room. It was Brother Michael and his Nazarene broadcast, Lifting Up Christ. "Are you desperate? At the end of your life? Don't know where to turn? Have you lost hope? I have the answer for you. Jesus can meet your need. He can change your life, give you hope, he can save you from your sins. You can start life over anew."

The words struck a cord in the young mother’s heart as she listened to Brother Michael lead listeners in a prayer of confession and forgiveness.

Through the resources provided by World Mission Broadcast, a life was saved, a heart forgiven, and a new life began. Today this young mother and her family are a part of the Nazarene family of God.

Nazarene radio is truly reaching the unreached.

(The above account was shared recently with Dave Anderson, Director of World Mission Communications, by Rev. Michael Porthen – broadcaster for the Lifting Up Christ Nazarene radio program. Rev. Porthen pastors in Austerville, Durban and has been doing radio broadcasting for the Church of the Nazarene in Africa for 27 years.)

--World Mission Communications

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