In Full Bloom – Africa Region Broadcast News
February 2004

Do you remember a time when you planted a seed? The seed, so tiny and fragile, was buried into solid ground. You watered it, watched it, and hovered over it until the smallest sprout began to peek out of the soil. And then one day, after much growth, the first blooms appeared.

The Africa Region at this moment is sprouting and is well on its way to full bloom! Many ideas have been planted over the years, and are now being cultivated through efforts to create new programming and educational services.

Just shortly after the Media Center was completed at Africa Nazarene University, the plans to establish a new recording studio in Maputo, Mozambique got underway. Early this year, Peet Voges (Regional Communications Coordinator, Africa Region) met with Rev. F. Chambo (country radio coordinator for Mozambique) and Field Director Rev. Paul Sueia, to discuss a more cost effective way to produce radio programs in the Shangaan and Makuwa languages. Because renting studio time is quite expensive, the Bible college in Maputo offered to make space available to house the recording studio.

WM Communications Africa will provide equipment to the studio while the College will provide the location. A work and witness team from the Horizon Church of the Nazarene in Roodepoort, Gauteng will help to prepare the studio with a completion goal of April 30, 2004.

While this studio in Maputo is being prepared, WM Communications and Nazarene Educational Services, an organization responsible for all educational institutions on the Africa Region, are partnering to create a pilot project that will make use of radio as a delivery system for Extension Education. A workgroup met to discuss the steps necessary to prepare two sample programs for critical evaluation by Portuguese educators and leaders across the Africa Region. The workgroup hopes to have the preparation of materials ready by August 2004 for evaluation; recordings started in September 2004, and have the first program air in January 2005.

The Africa Region has many seeds planted and is now seeing the sprouts of these exciting programs and productions. Soon, after much growth and prayer, God will allow them to blossom into full bloom.

--World Mission Communications

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