African Preaching Points Formed Through WMB Radio Programs

“Six preaching points have been started through the World Mission Broadcast (WMB) sponsored radio program Jesus Is Lord,” reported Rev. Job Odanga, Radio Coordinator for the East Africa Field. Jesus Is Lord has been on the air for the past two years, broadcasting the good news of Christ, into the Nakuru region on the Kenya Rift-Valley district.

Rev. Odanga reports that he and District Superintendent, Rev. Stephen Akelo, had the opportunity to meet with more than 60 of the new converts on Sunday, May 23, 2004. “All of these people are members of one of the preaching points and of the Church of the Nazarene – some of the preaching points have already appointed pastors.” He went on to share that “Rev. Akelo preached a powerful sermon that Sunday morning and introduced our new brothers and sisters to the Nazarene doctrine of holiness.”

In addition to meeting face to face with some of our newest members of the Church of the Nazarene, Pastor Job shared the following exciting and pivotal stories which reflect the missional influence of radio in Africa:

A listener from Molo thanks us for prayer and the ministry on SAYARE Radio Eldoret: “I wrote this letter for you to continue praying for me so that I may be able to bring Christ to our family of eight…just as you reached out to me through radio…we need you Pastor. Personally, I have many problems…but now I have hope in Jesus. Thank you for showing us the way.”

J. Oruoch from Sawagongo says: “Your radio message has saved my soul…thank you Pastor.”

S. K. Agesa of Kamar Via Salgo says: “No one could bring to my life the joy that Jesus has brought in since the day I listened to you on radio. My joy is that I have a friend.”

--World Mission Communications

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