Madagascar Radio Program Brings Hope

"Pastor, I heard this program by accident the first time. You see, we really need to listen to God’s Word through radio like this. We live in a remote place; the road is very rough and takes days to go there. This program is an answer for us.”
A listener from Antananarivo, Madagascar

Rev. Richard Revelomanantsoa has been the program host for World Mission Broadcast’s Thru the Bible radio program since November 2002. Airing in Madagascar in the Malagasy language, Thru the Bible takes God’s message of hope and salvation into the remote parts of Africa.

Another listener from Mahajanga wrote Rev. Revelomanantsoa asking:

“Pastor, can you pray for me and give me some counseling? I became a Christian since one year now, my husband is not yet converted and we have 3 children. He beats me when he drinks. Sometimes I feel alone and ask Jesus ‘where are you?’ I pray for my husband but he becomes more and more evil, day by day. Tell me what to do.”

People in Madagascar are turning on their radios, searching for answers and counsel to life’s problems…and World Mission Broadcast is there.

World Mission Broadcast (WMB) is currently broadcasting the Gospel message in 79 countries, in 35 languages, on 87 programs comprising more than 421 broadcasts and nearly 2 million minutes of airtime annually. However, WMB has yet to reach into 113 other countries and reach 2761 language groups with the Good News of Christ.

WMB is solely supported by the prayers and financial involvement of individuals and Nazarene churches in the U.S. and Canada. Meeting the 2004 worldwide offering goal of $750,000 is vital to ensure WMB continues reaching the unreached through radio, television and internet broadcasts.

--World Mission Communications

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